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Archives presentations

 In 2013

Chairman: C. HURTGEN Procorad Scientific Council
Uranium- analytical and interpretative difficulties.

 In 2012
Workshop 1:
Chairman: C. HURTGEN Procorad Scientific Council
- Emergency measurements - criticality accidents:
. Measurement of 32P in the skin appendage (hair, nails)
. Measurement of 24 Na in blood and body
M. RUFFIN - CEA/ DEN/ Cadarache /LBM (France)
Workshop 2
Chairman: C. HURTGEN Procorad Scientific Council
Emergency measurements - alpha, beta, gamma- X emitters:
. Mobile means of IRSN:

 In 2011

. Assessment of plutonium and Sr-90 in NBT inside population in Switzerland:
 P. FROIDEVAUX-CHUV-Lausanne (Switzerland)
. Practical recommendations to occupational physicians for medical monitoring and dose assessment of internal exposure to radionuclides by nuclear workers:
 N. BLANCHIN-CEA/DEN/Cadarache (France)
. Rapid evaluation of radioactivity levels of MOX-or plutonium-contaminated wounds in the rat: 
 a potential approach for estimation of contamination levels in man following  wounding:
. Report on Fukushima's nuclear plant:
 F. PIC-CEA/MR/CM (France)

In 2010

- Assessment of uranium exposure from total uranium activity and 234U/238U activity ratios in urine
Simon WALDREN - AWE, United Kingdom
- Hair analysis as an indicator of exposure to uranium
Konstantina KEHAGIA – EEAE, Greece
- Development of a technique for the determination of 226Ra and 228Ra in biological samples by liquid scintillation.
Wanderson DE OLIVEIRA SOUSA– IRD, Brazil

In 2009
- Absorption Study of Am and Cm to TEVA, TRU and DGA Resins.
A. BOMBARD (France)
- Mobile facilities of the Military Radiological Protection Department.
Alain CAZOULAT (France)
- Expression of radiotoxicology results: impact of the ISO 11929standards or the ISO 28218 draft standard.
Philippe BERARD (France)
- Presentation of the National Institute for Radiological Protection China CDC
T. FEI (China)
- A new formulation containing Calixarene molecules as an emergency treatment of uranium skin contamination
Céline BOUVIER-CAPELY (France)

In 2008
- Accreditation to ISO guide 43 part 1- Organization of proficiency test exercise.
Simon JEROME, NPL (United Kingdom)
- Uncertainty by using creatinine normalization of spot urine samples to 24 hour collection for assessment of exposure to uranium.
Rachel MARCO, NRC, NEGEV (Israel)
- Results of the 2007 IRSN intercomparison of lung monitoring systems for actinides measurements.
Mohamed ZARYAH, IRSN (France)

In 2007
- Nuclear emergency: scintillation counting as a suitable method for internal contamination screening for alpha and beta emitters.
Sandro BAZZARI bazzarri@casaccia.enea.it
- State of the art of environmental nuclear toxicology research programmes.
Eric ANSOBORLO eric.ansoborlo@cea.fr
- New radiochemical procedure for actinides analysis based on calix[6]arene molecules: Application to bioassays.
Céline BOUVIER-CAPELY celine.bouvier@irsn.fr

In 2006
- The case for measuring tritium in saliva when monitoring exposed persons.
Jean Pierre LEGOFF jean-pierre.legoff@cea.fr
- CHERNOBYL, 20 years later
Christian HURTGEN churtgen@sckcen.be
- Use of DTPA: dosage, efficiency and treatment
Louise GRAPPIN louise.grappin@cea.fr

In 2005
- ICP-SFMS or alpha spectrometry for the detection of long lived actinides at traces level? A feedback.
Nicolas BAGLAN nicolas.baglan@cea.fr
- Radiation protection in the UK armed forces
T.GINGELL tgingell@dstl.gov.uk
- Contribution of hair and blood dosimetry following a critically accident
Laurence LEBARON-JACOBS laurence.lebaron-jacobs@cea.fr

In 2004
- Monitoring radioactivity in the terrestrial food chain to man in the UK
Anthony DELL a.n.dell@vla.defra.gsi.gov.uk
Description of an incident of internal contamination outcome by trans-cutaneous way of a highly hydrophilic chemical form of Plutonium
- Laurent EXMELIN
Correlation between uranium intake in drinking water and bio-assays of urine, hair and toenails.
- Zeev KARPAS karpas4@netvision.net.il

In 2003
- Environmental surveillance on the battlefield
Patrick GERASIMO spra.def@wanadoo.fr
- Control of the risk of exposure to alpha emitting radionuclides and monitoring of works in french Nuclear power plants.
Bernard LE-GUEN bernard.le-guen@edfgdf.fr
- A rapid separation of actinides and strontium in Bio-assays samples using EICHROM's resin cartridges.
Anil THAKKAR thakkar@eichrom.com

In 2002
Coincidence summing correction in quantitative gamma ray spectrometry A.UGRON NCPH-NRIRR Budapest Hungary
The IAEA occupational radiation protection programme
K.MRABIT Head of radioprotection services IAEA Vienna Austria
Microwave-assisted sample preparation in radioanalytical chemistry: leaching, digestion of organic matter, evaporation of elution solutions.
Pascal FROIDEVAUX IRP Lausanne Switzerland

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