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In 2011

Workshop 1:
Conseil scientifique Procorad:
- News in Radiotoxicology
- Reference of PROCORAD in literature review
Workshop 2:
Conseil scientifique Procorad:
- Homogeneity and stability of samples according ISO 17043 'conformity assessment-general requirements for proficiency testing" February 2010
- How to assess the uncertainties of the measurements?
- Interest of nasal measurements for occupational monitoring

In 2010

Workshop 1
Chairman: Philippe BERARD- Procorad scientific council
- News in Radiotoxicology
- Reference of PROCORAD in literature review
- Criteria for selecting outliers with 5 statistical tests
Workshop 2
Chairman: Christian HURTGEN, Philippe BERARD – Procorad Scientific council
- What is the real half-life of nuclear data?
- How to assess the uncertainties of the measurements?
- Impact of ISO 17043 "conformity assessment – general requirements for proficiency testing" February 2010.

In 2009
Chairman: Philippe BERARD, CEA/DSV, PROSITON unit
Workshop 1
- Current topics in radiotoxicology
- Handling liquid scintillation waste
- Evolution of the relative bias range
Workshop 2
- New techniques in radiotoxicology
- Comparison of the actinide electrodeposition times in biological environments
- Calibration conditions for gamma spectrometry examinations on faecal ash
- Scattering factors linked to the recommended results for dosimetry estimates
- PROCORAD publications

In 2008
Chairman: Philippe BERARD, CEA Saclay / LABM
Workshop 1:
- News in radiotoxicology
- Presentation of the conclusions of the "TMT handbook" group by George ETHERINGTON (HPA)
Workshop 2:
- Rapid radiochemical methods in radiotoxicology
- Use of the Zeta score in the Procorad statistical tests

In 2007
Workshop 1 Chairman: P. BERARD:
- 210Po feedback on monitoring and risk
- Selection of a nuclides reference table for all emitters
- Impact of the standard ISO 13528 (12/2005) on statistical methods for use in proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons
Workshop 2 Chairman: P. BERARD
- Follow-up of a contamination incident following the use of a 226 Ra source: in vivo and in vitro measurements: J.P. LE GOFF
- Certified reference Material (CRM) producers: P. BERARD

In 2006
Environmental and Radiobioassays laboratories presentations
C. BUCUR and M. BARAITARU CERNAVODA Romania cbucur@cne.ro and mbaraitaru@cne.ro
Problems in primary radioactive standards
C.HURTGEN churtgen@sckcen.be
Developments in the technical questionnaires.
Computerization of a Radiotoxicological laboratory
P.BOISSON and J. SISCARD patrice.boisson@irsn.fr and jacques.siscard@irsn.fr

In 2005
Laboratory accreditation:
managed by JF.MORO from COFRAC organism with the participation of C.BOURCIER and C.HURTGEN from Scientific council of PROCORAD
Validation of analytical methods:
managed by Ph.BERARD from Scientific council who have presented a questionnaire and its results.
R.FOTTORINO have described the french criteria of the ABNF Guidebook
and F.VERREZEN from SCK/CEN, a specific application with the KPA method of uranium by mass measurement in urine samples

In 2004
226Ra measurement in urine samples: news and feedback of all laboratories
Exhaled air samples: feedback of all laboratories
Non exchangeable OBT measurements at trace level
Nicolas BAGLAN nicolas.baglan@cea.fr
Liquid scintillation cocktails:feedback of all laboratories
Beta spectrometry applied for radioactivity measurement

In 2003
Whats's new from?....Oxford 2002, BfS meeting, ICRM...
Study comparing radiochemistry methods used during the past 3 years.
Philippe BERARD berard@aquilon.cea.fr
Products used for preserving urine samples
Mariette RUFFIN ruffin@dircad.cea.fr
The effect of 40K interference in direct measurement by Liquid scintillation
Philippe BERARD berard@aquilon.cea.fr
Advice concerning techniques for measuring 241Pu
Catherine BOURCIER bourcier@aquilon.cea.fr
210Po measurement in urine
Philippe BERARD berard@aquilon.cea.fr
Future events: OMINEX meeting, ICRM, LLRMT

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