Recent meetings

Meeting venues :

2022 - Marseille(France)

2021 - Paris (France)

2019 - Budapest-Hungary

2018 - Ispra-Italia
2017 - Aachen-Germany
2016 - Dijon - France
2015 - Toledo - Spain
2014 - Cherbourg  -France
2013 - Bucharest - Romania
2012 - Sophia Antipolis - France
2011 - Rhodes -Greece
2010 - Frascati -Italy
2009 - Grenoble - France -Centre de congrès du WTC
2008 - Teddington - United Kingdom -  National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
2007 - Villeneuve Lez Avignon - Chartreuse - France
2006 - Constanza -Romania
2005 - Brugge - Belgium- SCK/CEN of Mol
2004 - Lausanne - Switzerland - Radiophysical Applied Institute
2003 - Dijon - Catholic University of Burgundy- France
2002 - Dresden - Germany VKTA
2001 - Paris - France -MAISON DE LA CHIMIE
2000 - Vienna- Austria AIEA / VIC
1999 - Toulon - France-MARINE NATIONALE
1998 - Madrid - Spain CIEMAT
1997 - Bordeaux- France EDF / Le BLAYAIS
1996 - Ispra - Italy CEE / JRC 

The last presentations :

In 2022:

      • Visit of ITER and the Jules Horowitz reactor
      • “Radiological biomonitoring of exposed workers at the institute for radioelements, the approach of one of the largest medical isotope production facility” Damien BRAEKERS IRE Fleurus (Belgium)
      • « Care of radio-contaminated or irradiated wounded: a simplified approach » Jean Christophe AMABILE, Service de Protection Radiologique des Armées (France)
      • Press Review and international calendar Christian HURTGEN

In 2021:

      • The geological burial center of Bure » Thierry PROT, ANDRA Bure (France)
      • New  portable X-Ray Analysis instruments to study works of art»  Philippe WALTER UPMC Paris (France)
      • Analysis of 226Ra by ICP MS » Héloïse GERVOT Alain CAZOULAT Service de radio protections des Armées Clamart (France)
      • Press review and international agenda » Christian HURTGEN (Belgique)  
      • Management of critical accidents 24Na, skin appendages » Laurence LEBARON-JACOB Cadarache (France)


In 2019

. New developments in analytic of radio-bioassay, Dr ZORIY
  Jülich Forschungszentrum (Deutschland)
. 2019 Press review and international agenda,
  Christian HURTGEN    Scientific Moderator of Procorad
. Radiochemical methods for actinide analyses in biological samples, Nóra Vajda ,RADANAL Ltd.,                    Budapest, Hungary 

. The InterComparison on Internal DOSE Assessment - ICIDOSE 2017 :
   Dr Carlo Maria Castellani, Core Group ICIDOSE 2017 

. Investigations following internal contamination in natural uranium in a nuclear worker, Dr Nicolas

  Blanchin and Dr Alexandra Faussart, CEA Cadarache (France) 
. Research and development in nuclear safety, energy security and materials science, Dr Béla Pécz
  Director deputy general, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 

. Implementation of the triple to double coincidence ratio method with the HIDEX300SL

  liquid scintillation counter , Dr LECOMPTE, LCR SPRA (France)

In 2018

.Transition from ISO 17025 : 2005 to 17025 : 2017: moving on
Peter HILL and Martina FRONING    Jülich Forschungszentrum (Deutschland)
.2018 Press review and international agenda
Christian HURTGEN    Scientific Moderator of Procorad
.Uncertainties in analysis of urine samples,
Dorottya JAKAB and Tamas PAZMANDI    Academy of Sciences Centre for Energy Research (Hungary)
.NPL Interpretation and scoring of proficiency test exercise results,
Simon JEROME    National Physical Laboratory (United Kingdom)

In 2017

. Organically bound tritium(OBT) and tritiated organic molecules, two different species essential to the understanding of the fate of tritium in the environment and in man
.Intercomparison of alpha emitters on nasal samples (kleenex and flag): our feedback
Claude GUICHET   CEA/Saclay/LBM (France)
.Tchernobyl vs Fukushima accidents
Didier CHAMPION EDF France

In 2016

Mobile in-vivo monitoring in Chernobyl contaminated regions
Peter HILL Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (Germany)
.Determining acceptable limits of uncertainty in Radiotoxicology by the method of uncertainty in the long term (LTUM)
Claude GUICHET   CEA/Saclay/LBM (France)
.OPSCI: new software for the estimation of internal dose and the optimization of routine monitoring
Estelle DAVESNE   IRSN France 

In 2015

. Dosimetric interpretation of bioassay data
. Implementing ISO 11929 : 2010 for straightforward alpha and beta measurements
 Simon JEROME NPL Teddington (UK)
. Po-210: The radiochemistry behind the scenes of the case Arafat
 Pascal FROIDEVAUX, CHUV Lausanne Suisse

Monitoring and assessing laboratory performance on the basis of combined scores within and across proficiency tests rounds

Christine BARTIZEL, LAMR IRSN, France


In 2014

Statistics and intercomparisons
 Soraya AMAROUCHE LNE (France) presented by C. HURTGEN
. Analysis of Actinides in urine: assets of ICP-MS
Use of echography to improve lung counting uncertainties
 Xavier LECHAFTOIS (AREVA) France 

In 2013

. Interpretation of data collected during individual monitoring of Uranium Dioxide exposure: collective assessment
 Dr N. BLANCHIN - CEA / DEN / Cadarache / SST
. Internal dosimetry of natural uranium: measurement techniques and interpretation of monitoring data.
. Natural uranium bioassay by alpha-spectrometry measurements.
 C. HURTGEN- Coordinator of scientific Procorad council

In 2012

. Critically accident: contribution of 32P and 24Na measurements in dosimetry:
  L. LEBARON-Jacobs - CEA / DSV/ Prositon / Cadarache (France)

Archives (before 2012)


In 2017

Press review and international calendar
Christian HURTGEN coordinator of Procorad Scientific Council

In 2016

Press review and international calendar
Christian HURTGEN coordinator of Procorad Scientific Council 

In 2015

. Use of the performance scores in the intercomparisons exercises for the interprétation and the long-term follow-up of the analytical results.
 Christine BARTIZEL IRSN France
. Press Review and international calendar:
 Christian HURTGEN, coordinator of scientific council Procorad 

 In 2014

Chairman: C. HURTGEN Procorad Scientific Council
Press review and international calendar

 In 2013

Chairman: C. HURTGEN Procorad Scientific Council
Uranium- analytical and interpretative difficulties.

 In 2012
Workshop 1:
Chairman: C. HURTGEN Procorad Scientific Council
- Emergency measurements - criticality accidents:
. Measurement of 32P in the skin appendage (hair, nails)
. Measurement of 24 Na in blood and body
M. RUFFIN - CEA/ DEN/ Cadarache /LBM (France)
Workshop 2
Chairman: C. HURTGEN Procorad Scientific Council
Emergency measurements - alpha, beta, gamma- X emitters:
. Mobile means of IRSN:

Archives (before 2012)